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Frequently asked questions

Q: What size are the stables?
A:  The stables are 3.6m by 3.6m.

Q: What size are the camping bays?
A: The size of the camping bays depends on the colour eg: red and green bays can fit an 11 metre long vehicle and have 10amps of power. Blue and yellow bays can accommodate vehicles from 11 metres long to 20m long and have 15amps of power.

Q: Can any camping bays accommodate a side load?
A: No, however there are bays within the complex that can accommodate a side load, these bays are shown when booking through 'Nominate'.

Q: Can we use tent pegs?
A: All powered camping sites are on tar (bitumen), so we ask that if you are pitching a tent that you use sandbags, pegs cannot be used except in areas dedicated to tents.

Q: Where can we pitch a tent?
A: You can pitch tents behind bays B165 to B187 on the non-sealed surfaces, you can also use tent pegs in this area.

Q: How far is it from my stable to the arena?
A: All stable blocks are within close proximity to all competition and warm up arenas. See the facility map.

Q: Is there catering at the venue?
A: Yes, within the main stadium you can purchase hot and cold food and beverages.

Q: How do I get to AELEC?
A: AELEC is located on the New England Highway, on the southern outskirts of Tamworth. See our locality map.

Q: Can I tie up my horse at my trailer on the hard surface?
A: As a venue, AELEC does not restrict this practice, however you may wish to check with your association to see what restrictions they may have in place. Horses cannot be tied to fences or trees. Horses cannot be tied up or yarded adjacent to your powered camp site overnight - they must be stabled.

Q: Does the paddock camping have power?
A: No, there is no power in the paddock camping area and only limited access to water.

Q: Are trolleys/wheelbarrows/rakes/shovels provided?
A: AELEC does not provide any trolleys/wheelbarrows/rakes/shovels. We suggest that you bring trolleys/wheelbarrows/rakes/shovels for moving feed and gear from the car park to the stables and to remove manure and bedding to dump points.

Q: How do I book stables/camping?
A: Go to the Bookings page, for more information on booking through 'Nominate', our booking system.

Q: What are the charges?
A: Charges are specific to each event. Search for your event in the Events Calendar.

Q: What accommodation (hotels/motels) are close to AELEC?
A: See our list of hotels and motels on Goonoo Goonoo Road. They are listed starting with those closest to the venue - including contact details.

Q: Where is the event office?
A: The event office is located at the eastern end of the main stadium, directly across from the bar. See the facility map

Q: Where is the AELEC administration office?
A: The AELEC administration office is located at the western end of the main stadium just inside the main public entrance doors. See the facility map.

Q: When is the AELEC Administration Office open?
A: The AELEC Administration Office is open weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm - this office is closed on weekends. Contact us for more information.

Q: Where do I order feed?
A: Feed can be ordered at the AELEC Administration Office between 9:00am and 2:00pm for same day delivery. All orders received after 2:00pm will be delivered the following day. Weekended feed orders and deliveries are not available. See the facility map.

Q: Can I lead/ride my horse on the lawns?
A: Horses may be lead and ridden at a walk on the lawns (not lunged or warmed-up), to get to and from the competition and stable areas.

Q: How much bedding is in the stables when I arrive?
A:  Approximately one cubic metre of bedding is provided in each stable.

Q: Can I bring a second vehicle?
A: Yes, you may bring a second vehicle, however if you wish to have it parked in the competitor area near your main vehicle, you must book a second site for this vehicle. Alternatively, you can leave the second vehicle parked outside and walk through the main competitor gates for free.

Q: Is stable cleaning by the AELEC venue mandatory or can I clean the stable myself?
A: No, stable cleaning is not mandatory and you can clean the stable yourself. However, all stables booked will be subject to a cleaning bond when making your booking, this bond is fully refundable if the stable is completely stripped of all bedding upon your departure. Book now.

Q: Do I need to have someone inspect my stables before my departure?
A: No, all stables will be inspected after the event has finished and all cleaning bonds refunded accordingly.

Q: How do I get my cleaning bond back, how long does it take?
A: Your stable cleaning bond will be refunded back to the credit card used to make payment - it will come from 'Nominate'. Please allow 7 working days after the event has finished for refunded monies to appear on your statement.

Q: What is the AELEC refund/cancellation policy for stabling/camping?
A: All stabling/camping money paid to AELEC via the 'Nominate' booking site is refundable less a 25% administration fee. All cancellations made prior to, and during the event will be subject to the 25% administration fee. See our refunds and cancellations page.

Q: Where do I dump my manure and bedding when cleaning out my stable?
A: All manure and bedding can be dumped in the bunkers/pits located at the end of each stable block at the carpark end.

Q: Does AELEC have no smoking areas?
A: All AELEC buildings are no smoking areas including: the undercroft, stables, sales arena and main stadium arena.

Q: Where do I get my competitor passes/wristbands/information?
A: All passes, wristbands and event information is obtained through your event organiser, located in the event office. They will provide you with all the information you need for your event.

Q: Are there laundry facilities at AELEC?
A: Yes, AELEC provides coin operated washing and drying machines, located within stable blocks B and E. Each wash and dry cycle is $4, these machines take $1 and 20c coins. Washing powder is available to buy from the AELEC Admininstration Office for $4 per box. See the facility map.

Q: Can I wash out my vehicle when I arrive?
A: Yes, a truck wash is located on the southern side of the camping area of the complex.