Competitor FAQs


How big are the stables?

Each stable is 3.6m by 3.6m with an asphalt base. Each aisle in a stable block has seven stables either side. Depending on the requirements of your event, the centre stables may be tack rooms.

How much bedding is in the stables when I arrive?

A minimum of one cubic metre of bedding is provided in each stable.

Do I have to clean all the bedding out of the stable?

Upon booking your stable, you will be charged a cleaning bond as a cleaning fee. If you wish to have the bond refunded you need to clean all of the bedding out of the stable.

Do I need someone to inspect my stables before departure?

Stables are inspected once your event is finished. For long-running events, stables are checked daily.

How do I get my stable cleaning refund back?

Refunds will be credited to the same credit card used to make your booking. Please allow seven working days after your event has finished for refunded monies to appear on your statement.

Where do I take the manure and bedding from my stable?

All manure and bedding can be dumped in the manure pits located at the camping end of each stable block.

I need to cancel my stable(s) booking, how do I do this?

Please complete the Booking Cancellations Form. It is also a good practice to phone (02) 6767 5658 to check we have received the request. Remember, refunds can only be issued if the emailed cancellation request is received prior to the start of your event or the first day your stable is booked from; whichever occurs first.

Powered sites

How big are the sites?

Each site is at least four metres wide, however, vary in length. Upon booking online you can see the site dimensions or click here for a Stable and Site Map.

Before booking your campsite please ensure your vehicle or combination will fit in the site. As a guide, 4WDs with a small three-horse float or rigid trucks fit in a 10-metre site. Our 12-metre sites can take 4WD and four horse goosenecks. Our 15-metres sites are suitable for truck and caravan combinations or small prime movers. For large prime movers we recommend a 20-metre site.

Each powered site has one powerpoint and one potable water tap. There is a sewage dump point near the truck wash.

Which sites are best if I have a tent?

For campers wishing to pitch a tent and camp on the grass, sites 167 to 187 are the most suitable. Sites 1 to 90 are not suitable for tents, unless sandbags are used instead of pegs, due to our underground water system.

Can I set up yards or tape next to my powered site?

No, horses must be stabled unless your event allows for paddock sites.

Are there laundry facilities?

Yes. There are laundry rooms at the end of stable blocks B and E, consisting of two washing machines and two dryers. Each cycle requires four x $1 coins and change is available from the AELEC office. The washing machines and dryers are for human washing only and horse gear is not permitted.

Can any camping bays accommodate a side load or awning?

When booking, look for bays that show a gap between sites. Sites are also highlighted on the Stable and Site Map. Some 5m wide sites may also suit. If you have an awning please ensure you do not spill over onto the site next to yours.

How much does stabling and camping cost?

Costs vary depending on your event. Please check your event listing through our events calendar.

I need to cancel my site booking, how do I do this?

Please complete the Booking Cancellations Form. It is also a good practice to phone (02) 6767 5658 to check we have received the request. Remember, refunds can only be issued if the emailed cancellation request is received prior to the start of your event or the first day your site is booked from; whichever occurs first.

Unpowered (paddock) camping

Do the paddock sites have power and water?

No, there is no power in the paddock area. There a number of taps throughout the paddock.

Can I book an unpowered (paddock) site instead of a powered site?

Parking and camping in the paddock is an option that is only available depending on your event. The paddock allows you to camp and set up temporary yards for your horses. AELEC does not supply yards or materials. There are potable watering points in the paddock. Amenities are between the paddock and the powered sites.

Venue access and facilities

How do I enter the AELEC site?

Competitors will either enter through Gate 2 or Gate 7 depending on the requirements of your event. A text message will be sent with entry details one- to two-days before your event start date.

How far is it from my stable to the arena?

All stables are close to the competition and warm up arenas with the distance between most stables to the arenas ranging from 100 to 200 metres.

Can I get something to eat at AELEC?

Yes there are hot and cold food and beverage options in the main arena. From time to time there are food vans around the outdoor arenas.

Can I tie my horse up on a powered site?

AELEC allows you to tie your horse up on powered sites however you should check with your event organiser if it is within its guidelines. Under no circumstances can you tie a horse to a tree or a fence.

Are trolleys/wheelbarrows/rakes/shovels provided?

AELEC does not provide any trolleys/wheelbarrows/rakes/shovels. You should bring your own tools and equipment for moving feed and gear from your site to the stables, and to remove manure and bedding to manure pits.

Where is the event office?

The event office is located at the eastern end of the main arena, directly across from the lift.

Where is the AELEC office?

The AELEC Administration office is located at the western end of the main arena, on your right just inside the main public entrance doors. It’s open weekdays from 9am to 5pm. See our Tour of Site page for more details.

Can I lead/ride my horse on the lawns?

Horses may be led and ridden at a walk on the lawns, however, they cannot be lunged or warmed up on the lawns. Competitors should use warm up arenas.

Can I bring a second vehicle?

Yes, you may bring a second vehicle and leave it in one of the free public car parks around the venue, or in day parking. If you wish to park in the competitor area near your horse vehicle, you must book a second site for the extra vehicle.

Can I wash out my truck/float when I arrive?

Yes, a truck wash is located on the southern side of the powered sites.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you can bring your dog but it must be kept on a lead at all times, however, please do not bring them into the main arena. You should also check with your event organiser whether it permits dogs at its events.

Can I have parcels sent to me while I'm at AELEC?

AELEC does not receive Australia Post deliveries. Mail sent to the PO Box is received by Tamworth Regional Council where it is opened and recorded. We do not recommend you post to AELEC. However, we can accommodate courier deliveries. Please contact us to let us know to expect your delivery.

PIC Number

What is the AELEC PIC number?

AELEC's PIC number is: NH508378.