Visitor FAQs


What accommodation is close to AELEC?

There are a number motels and hotels nearby on Goonoo Goonoo Road. Visit Destination Tamworth for a range of options and direct booking links.


Can I get something to eat at AELEC?

Yes, there are hot and cold food and drink options in the main arena. From time to time there are food vans around the outdoor arenas.

Can I bring my own food and drink into AELEC?

You may bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks in AELEC. However, there are hot and cold food options in the main arena.


Where can I buy tickets?

AELEC does not sell or handle the tickets for any of its events. Tickets are sold by Entertainment Venues.

I have bought tickets, can I pick them up at AELEC?

Tickets can only be picked up on the day of an event/performance. The Ticket Box Office at AELEC usually opens up several hours before an event starts. If you would like to pick up tickets earlier, they can be picked up from the Capitol Theatre.


Where is the best place to sit?

The tiered seating at AELEC is designed so that all the seating has a clear view of the main arena, to give you the feeling of being close to the action - even from the back row. Naturally there are better vantage places than others and ticket prices will reflect those positions.

Disabled access

Is there disabled access?

The main arena is on street level. There are several disabled car park sites close to the spectator entrance with clear wheelchair access to the main stadium. There is also a lift from the main arena to the downstairs competitor area.

Are there amenities for people with disabilities?

Yes,there is a disabled toilet at each end of the main arena.


Is there somewhere I can smoke?

In line with legislation, there is strictly no smoking inside any building on the AELEC site. During events in the main arena, please look for signs indicating where the outside smoking areas are located.